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Vasco Myron Tanner (1892–1989), American entomologist and herpetologist.

  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, United States.

Taxon names authored

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(List may be incomplete)

  • Tanner, V. M. 1925. Notes on the collection of fossil fishes contained in the University of Utah collection with the description of one new species. Bulletin of the University of Utah 15(6): 1–16.
  • Tanner, V. M. 1926. A new species of Plastoceridae in the genus Euthysanius (Coleoptera). Pan Pacific Entomologist 2(4): 188–190.
  • Tanner, V. M. 1936. A study of Utah fossil fishes with the description of a new genus and species. Utah Academy of Sciences 13: 81–90.
  • Tanner, V. M. 1938. A new subspecies of worm snake from Utah. Utah Academy of Sciences 15: 149–50.
  • Tanner, V. M. 1939. A study of the genus Scaphiopus, the spade-foot toads. Great Basin Naturalist 1: 3–20. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1939. Studies in the weevils of the Western United States, No. 3: new species from Utah. Great Basin Naturalist l(l): 31–32. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1941. Studies in the weevils of the Western United States. No. 4: a new species of Cimbocera. Great Basin Naturalist 2(l): 29–32. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1941. A new Elaphrus (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Great Basin Naturalist 2(4): 137–138. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1942. Studies in the Weevils of the Western United States. No. 5; a new species of Miloderoides. Great Basin Naturalist 3(l): 23–26. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1942. A review of the genus Notolepidomyzon with a description of a new species (Pisces-Catostomidae). Great Basin Naturalist 3(2): 27–32. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1943. A study of the subtribe Hydonomi with a description of new species. (Curculionidae) Study No. 6. Great Basin Naturalist 4(1–2): 1–38. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1945. A new species of Araeoschizus (Coleoptera-Tenebriondae). Great Basin Naturalist 6(1–4): 125–126. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1948. Pacific Islands herpetology no. 1. Mariana Islands: a new species of Typhlops, Great Basin Naturalist 9(1–2): 1–20. (PDF)
  • Brown, W. C. & Tanner, V. M. 1949. Rediscovery of the genus Pseudogekko with description of a new species from the Solomon Islands. Great Basin Naturalist 9(3–4): 41–45. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1950. A new species of Gila from Nevada (Cyprinidae) . Great Basin Naturalist 10(1–4): 31–36. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1950. Studies in the weevils of the western United States. No. 7: descriptions of a new genus. Great Basin Naturalist 10(1–4): 71–73. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1951. Notes on Some Cicindelidae of the Western United States and the South Pacific Islands with a description of a new species. Great Basin Naturalist 11(1–2): 47–51. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1959. Description of a new species of Eucyllus (Coleoptera-Curculionidae). Great Basin Naturalist 19(2–3): 53–55. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1960. Two new species of weevils of the tribe Celeuthetini (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist 20(1–2): 23–28. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1961. A check list of the species of Eleodes and description of new species (Coleoptera Tenebronidae). Great Basin Naturalist 21(3): 55–78. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1963. A new species of Craniolus (Coleoptera) (Tenebrionidae). Great Basin Naturalist 22(3–4): 167–170.
  • Tanner, V. M. 1974. Description of a new species of Miloderes Casey with comments on other species in the genus. Great Basin Naturalist 34: 291–296. (PDF)
  • Tanner, V. M. 1987. Notes on the American Sitona (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with three new species. Great Basin Naturalist 47: 168–174. (PDF)
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