Solanum gundlachii

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Taxonavigation: Solanales 
Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Euasterids I
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Solanaceae
Subfamilia: Solanoideae
Tribus: Solaneae
Genus: Solanum
Subgenus: S. subg. Leptostemonum
Species: Solanum gundlachii


Solanum gundlachii Urb. (1908:487)

  • Lectotype: C. Wright 3030 (GH00077553, GH)
    • Isolectotypes: BM (BM000886657), MO (MO-2766697), GOET (2 sheets), K (K000196481), MA (MA-607704)
    • Designated by Knapp (2009:74)
  • Type location: "Cuba".


(After Knapp, 2009, with corrections)

  • Heterotypic
  • Solanum gundlachii var. monteverdense O.E.Schulz (1909:51)
    • Holotype: H.F.A. von Eggers 5108 (B, destroyed, no duplicates known; Knapp, 2009:74)
    • Type location: Cuba. Monteverde, 800m.
  • Solanum lomense Britton & P.Wilson (1926:464)
    • Holotype: Bro. Clement 2520 (NY00111364, NY; "lomensis")
      • Incorrectly cited as "Brother León" in the protologue (Knapp 2009:74).
    • Type location: Cuba. Prov. Oriente, Loma San Juan, near Loma del Gato, Hongolosongo, 22 Apr 1926.
  • Solanum hotteanum Urb. & Ekman (1929:51)
    • Holotype: E.L. Ekman H.7489 (S04-2917, S)
    • Type location: Haiti. Massif de la Hotte, western group, Tarbec, top of Morne Formon, ca. 2225 m, 1 Jan 1927.
  • Solanum cristalense Amshoff (1956:6)
    • Holotype: J. Acuña & F. Zaguas 19778 (HAC)
    • Type location: Cuba. Oriente: Pinares, el Prado, Nicaro, Mayari.
  • Solanum cristalense var. macrospermum Hadač (1956:6)
    • Holotype: E. Hadač 1421 (PR)
      • Knapp (2009:74) state that the type is at P, but the protologue says PR, which seems far more plausible given that Hadač worked mostly in Czechoslovakia. Knapp is likely in error.
    • Holotype: Cuba. prov. Oriente, montibus Montecristo.