Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis

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The status, affinity, scope or nomenclature of this taxon is disputed.

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Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis on Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico


Taxonavigation: Pinales 

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Tracheophyta
Divisio: Pinophyta
Classis: Pinopsida
Ordo: Pinales

Familia: Pinaceae
Genus: Pinus
Subgenus: P. subg. Pinus
Sectio: P. sect. Trifoliae
Subsectio: P. subsect. Ponderosae
Species: P. pseudostrobus
Varietas: Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis


Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis (Lindl.) Shaw, Publ. Arnold Arbor. 1: 19 (1909).


  • Basionym
  • Homotypic
    • Pinus pseudostrobus subsp. apulcensis (Lindl.) Stead, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 89: 269 (1984).
  • Heterotypic
    • Pinus astecaensis Roezl ex Gordon, Pinetum, ed. 2: 290. (1875), not validly publ.
    • Pinus oaxacana Mirov, Madroño 14: 145 (1958).
    • Pinus pseudostrobus var. oaxacana (Mirov) S.G.Harrison, Taxon 14: 247 (1965).
    • Pinus oaxacana var. diversiformis Debreczy & I.Rácz, Phytologia 78: 237 (1995).
    • Pinus pseudostrobus subsp. oaxacana (Mirov) Silba, J. Int. Conifer Preserv. Soc. 16: 31 (2009).

Taxonomic notes[edit]

Pinus apulcensis Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. 25(Misc.): 63 (1839) is accepted by some authorities, but not by others, for example Businsky (2008)


Native distribution areas:
    • Mexico
      • Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest.
  • Southern America
    • Central America
      • El Salvador, Guatemala.

References: Brummitt, R.K. 2001. TDWG – World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, 2nd Edition


Primary references[edit]

  • Shaw, G.R. 1909. Publications of the Arnold Arboretum 1: 19.

Additional references[edit]