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Cavalier-Smith (1998a)[edit]

Cavalier-Smith, T. 1998. Neomonada and the origin of animals and fungi. In: Coombs GH, Vickerman K, Sleigh MA, Warren A (ed.) Evolutionary relationships among protozoa. Kluwer, London, pp. 375-407, [1].

Phylum Neomonada

Cavalier-Smith (1998b)[edit]

From A revised six-kingdom system of life

In Kingdom Protozoa, Subkingdom Neozoa, Infrakingdom Sarcomastigota
Phylum Neomonada Cavalier-Smith 1997

This phylum is no longer in use, as it was never supported. Reference only for historical purposes.

Leonel Mendoza, John W. Taylor, Libero Ajello (2002)[edit]

From The Class Mesomycetozoea: A Heterogeneous Group of Microorganisms at the Animal-Fungus Boundary

Inv Kingdom Protozoa, Subkingdom Neozoa
Phylum Neomonada Cavalier-Smith 1997