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Frank Glaw (born 1966), German herpetologist. Work areas: Amphibians and reptiles of the Malagasy region: systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, diversity, bioacoustics.

  • Zoologische Staatssammlung München, München, Germany.

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  • Greenbaum, Eli; Aaron M. Bauer, Todd R. Jackman, Miguel Vences & Frank Glaw. 2007: A phylogeny of the enigmatic Madagascan geckos of the genus Uroplatus (Squamata: Gekkonidae). Zootaxa, 1493: 41–51.


  • D’Cruze, N.; Köhler, J.; Franzen, M & Glaw, F. 2008: A conservation assessment of the amphibians and reptiles of the Forêt d’Ambre Special Reserve, north Madagascar. Madagascar Conservation & Development, 3(1): 44–54.



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