Carnegieispora rimeliae

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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Fungi
Divisio (Phylum): Anamorphic fungi
Morphological group (≈Classis): Coelomycetes
Genus: Carnegieispora
Species: Carnegieispora rimeliae


Carnegieispora rimeliae Etayo & F. Berger, 2009

Mycobank #515392.

Anamorphic Ascomycota

Life habit: Lichenicolous fungus (parasite on living lichens)

Diagnosis: Conidiomata lichenicola, acervuli, nigra, 40-60 μm diam., setis nullis. Conidiophora subspherica 2-4 μm diam., vel elongata, 6 x 3 μm. Cellulae conidiogenae griseae, ellipsoideae, holoblasticae, annellidicae, laeves, 4-7 x 2-3 μm. Conidia grisea, levia, sicca, ramificata, simplicia vel septata, 9.5-16 μm longa, 7-10 μm lata, ramis 2-3 μm diam.

Type: PORTUGAL. AZORES. São Miguel, Furnas, Jardim Botanico “Terra Nostra”, on Parmotrema reticulatum, 220 m, 37º45.77’N, 25º18.1’W, 28.vii.2003, F. Berger 18380 (LI, holotype; hb. Etayo, isotype).

Etymology: The shape of the conidia of Carnegieispora reminds us of the North American saguaro cactus, Carnegiea gigantea. Rimeliae derives from the former generic name of the host, Rimelia reticulata (Taylor) Hale & A.Fletcher (now Parmotrema reticulatum).

Distribution: The new fungus is known only from the type locality in Azores.


Primary references[edit]

  • Etayo & F. Berger, Opuscula Philolichenum 7: 18 (2009)
  • Etayo, J. and Berger, F. (2009) Carnegieispora rimeliae, a new genus of lichenicolous fungus from the Azores. Opuscula Philolichenum 7: 17–20. [RLL List # 217 / Rec.# 30741] – (Recent Literature on Lichens) (PDF file) (Illustrations of Carnegieispora rimeliae: Plate 1, Fig. 1, conidioma; Fig. 2 and 5, conidiogenous cells and conidia; Fig. 3, conidiophores; Fig. 4, branched conidia)

Additional references[edit]

  • Lawrey, J.D. and Diederich, P. (2003) Lichenicolous fungi: interactions, evolution, and biodiversity. - The Bryologist 106(1): 81–120. [RLL List # 190 / Rec.# 24248] – (Recent Literature on Lichens) (JSTOR) (PDF)