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Werner Conradie South-African herpetologist.

  • Port Elizabeth Museum, South Africa

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  • Smith, K.G, Weldon, C., Conradie, W & Du Preez, L.H. 2007: Relationships among size, development, and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in African tadpoles. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 74:159-164 [PDF]


  • Conradie, W, Weldon, C., Smith, K.G. & Du Preez, L.H. 2008: Herpetological survey: Frogs of the Vredefort Dome Conservation Area. African Herp News 44:23-25.


  • Conradie, W., Branch, W.R., Braack, H. and Manson, M. 2010: Notes on the diet of recently metamorphosed Giant African Bullfrogs (Anura: Pyxicephalidae: Pyxicephalus adspersus) and growth increase during the first nine months in a semi-natural habitat. Herpetology Notes, 3: 215–219.
  • Conradie, W., Doucette-Riise, S., Vanhooydonck, B., Engelbrecht, H., Measey, J. and Tolley, K. Herpetological survey of Rooipoort Nature Reserve, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. African Herp News 53: 35–41.


  • Conradie, W., Bills, R and Bok, A. 2011: Leptopelis bocagii - Maximum Size. African Herp. News, 53: 42–43.
  • Conradie, W, Weldon, C., Smith, K.G. & Du Preez, L.H. 2011: Seasonal pattern of chytridiomycosis in common river frog (Amietia angolensis) tadpoles in the South African Grassland Biome. African Zoology 46(1): 95–102 [PDF]
  • Conradie, W., Harvey, J., Kotze, A., Dalton, D.L. and Cunningham, M.J. 2011: Confirmed amphibian chytrid in Mount Mulanje Area, Malawi. Herpetological Review 42(3): 369–371.
  • Conradie, W., Engelbrecht, H., Anthony, H., Measey, J., Stuart, S. V., Vanhooydonck, B., and Tolley, Ket al. 2011. Reptile survey of Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve, Limpopo Province - South Africa. African Herp News 55: 6–12
  • Nielsen, S.V & Conradie, W. 2011: Psammophis: Mortality. African Herp News 55:17-18.









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