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Scolopacidae genera genders[edit]

Well, as I said before for Tringa, I made a table:

Concepto Tringa Calidris Scolopax Ereunetes Totanus Erolia Numenius Actitis Actmas
Char Eudocimes Eudocimus Limi Lymn Phala Rhya Xen
Arenaria interpres
=Tringa interpres-*Arebaria interpres
Tringa brevipes pes
Tringa cooperi i
Tringa guttifer er
Tringa incana a
Tringa semipalmata a
Tringa/Vanellus vanellus vanellus
Calidris acuminata a
Calidris paramelanotos os
Calidris ptilocnemis is
Calidris ruficollis is
Calidris subminuta a
Gallinago gallinago (gallinago)
=Capella/Scolopax gallinago
Gallinago media/major
=Capella/Scolopax media
Limnodromus griseus (griseus/hendersoni)
=Macrorhamphus griseus
=Scolopax grisea
Limosa lapponica
=Scolopax lapponica/aegocephala
Limosa limosa/melanuroides
=Scolopax limosa
Scolopax minor or
Scolopax mira a
Scolopax rusticola (rusticola)-*Scolopax rnsticola a
Numenius americanus us
Numenius borealis is
Numenius madagascariensis is
Numenius minutus us
Numenius tahitiensis is
Numenius tenuirostris is
Phalaropus tricolor
=Steganopus tricolor-*Phalaropus ticolor
Phalaropus fulicarius
=Crymophilus fulicarius
=Tringa fulicaria-*Phalaropus fulicaria (fulicaria)
a us/*a
Actitis hypoleucos
=Tringa hypoleucos (hypoleucos)
os os
Actitis macularius
=Tringa macularia (macularia)-*Actitis macularia (macularia)
a a/*us
Calidris/Ereunetes mauri
=Ereunetes occidentalis-*Ereunetes maurii-*Eurenetes mauri
i i/is/*ii
Calidris/Totanus tenuirostris is is
Calidris/Tringa canutus canutus canutus
Lymnocryptes minimus/gallinula
=Gallinago/Scolopax minima-*Lymnocryptes minima
a us/a/*a
Numenius arquata
=Scolopax arquata-*Numenius arquatus
a a/*us
Numenius phaeopus (alboaxillaris/phaeopus/variegatus)
=Phaeopus/Scolopax phaeopus-*Scolpax phaeopus (& æ)
pus pus/us/is
Philomachus/Tringa/Calidris/Machetes/Pavoncella pugnax ax ax
Tringa solitaria
=Helodromas/Totanus solitarius
a us
Pluvialis squatarola (squatarola)
=Charadrius/Tringa/Squatarola squatarola
a a
Tringa/Rhyacophilus glareola a a
Tringa/Totanus/Helodromas ochropus/*ocrophus
=*Tringa ochrophus
pus/*(ch/c)phus pus/*phus
Tryngites subruficollis
=Calidris/Ereunetes/Tringa subruficollis
is is is
Eudocimus ruber-Guara/Scolopax rubra-*Gaura rubra-*Eudocimes ruber a er er
Eudocimus/Guara alba-Scolopax alba/fusca-*Gaura alba-*Eudocimes albus a/a us a
Phalaropus lobatus
=Lobipes lobatus
=Charadrius rubricollis
=Tringa lobata/*tobata
a is us
Xenus cinereus
=Scolopax/*Xenus cinerea
=Tringa {terek (terek)}/{cinerea (cinerea)}/*cinereus
a/*us a us/*a
Tringa/Scolopax/*Totanus melanoleuca
=*Tringa/Totanus melanoleucus
a/*us a us/*a
Tringa/Scolopax/Glottis/*Totanus nebularia
=Scolopax glottis
=Tringa littorea-Totanus nebularius
a/a a/is *a
Tringa/Scolopax/Totanus flavipes pes pes pes
Tringa/Scolopax/Totanus totanus
=Tringa gambetta
totanus totanus totanus
Tringa/Totanus stagnatilis-*Tringa stagnatalis (<>Scolopax nebularia) ilis/*alis a ilis
Tringa/Scolopax/Totanus erythropus
=Limosa fusca
=Scolopax fusca/nigra
=Totanus fuscus/maculatus/natans
=Tringa atra/fuscus
pus/a/us pus pus/us/us/ans
Limicola falcinellus/platyrhycha
=Calidris/Scolopax falcinellus
us us us/a
Calidris/Ereunetes/Micropalama/*Micropalma/Tringa himantopus-*Calidris himantopis pus/*is pus pus
Calidris/Tringa pusilla
=*Calidris/Ereunetes/*Eurenetes pusillus
a/*us a us
Calidris/Tringa/Crocethia/Ereunetes alba
=Calidris arenaria/leucophaea-*Callidris alba
a a/a/*a a
Calidris/Ereunetes/Erolia/Pisobia/Tringa fuscicollis-*Calidris fusicollis is is is is
Calidris/Ereunetes/Erolia/Tringa temminckii ii ii ii ii
Calidris/Tringa minuta
=Ereunetes/Erolia/*Calidris minutus
a a/*us us us
Calidris/Ereunetes/Erolia/Pelidna/Tringa alpina a a a a
Calidris/Actodromas/Ereunetes/Erolia/Pisobia/Tringa minutilla a a a a a
Calidris/Actodromus/Ereunetes/Erolia/Pisobia/Tringa bairdii-*Actodromas bairdii-Calidris/Pisobia *bairdi ii ii/*i ii ii ii/*i
Calidris/Tringa/Ereunetes/Erolia/Pisobia melanotos
=Actodromas/Pisobia/Tringa maculata-*Calidris melanotus
os/a os/*us os os a
Calidris/Arquatella/Charadrius/Ereunetes/Erolia/Tringa maritima
=Arquatella maritima maritima
a a a a a
Calidris/Erolia/¿*?Tringa ferruginea
=Ereunetes/Tringa ferrugineus
=Calidris/Scolopax subarquata
=Calidris/Scolopax/Erolia testacea
us/¿*?a a/a/a a/a us a/a


Please forgive me for the huge block. Asterisks are preceding the immediate wrong part of the combination. = means synonym. In the box, a synopsis of the combination for each gender, I placed the most usual as first columns and abbreviated after Actitis. I coded -a and -us as ♀ and ♂, and apart: Greek -os, , -er, -or, -i(i), -pes, -pus, and totanus/vanellus/canutus as apposition. The problems seem to be (I will obviate Charadrius):

  • (1) contradiction genus-epiteth
Rhyacophilus glareola = Tringa glareola AVIBASE
  • (2) variation for the same species
fons ♀
Actitis macularius Actitis macularia AVIBASE, IUCN, wikispecies, wikicommons-cp, wikicommons-cc, TERMIG, CHIO
Limicola falcinellus Limicola platyrhyncha AVIBASE
Lymnocryptes minimus Lymnocryptes gallinula = Lymnocryptes minima AVIBASE, BRAÑA
Xenus cinereus Xenus cinerea AVIBASE
  • (3) among species of the same gender, masculine majority
Phalaropus lobatus
Phalaropus fulicarius

Phalaropus fulicaria
1us, 1us/a
Eudocimus ruber=Eudocimes ruber
Eudocimus albus

Eudocimus alba
1er, 1us/a
Numenius americanus
Numenius minutus
Numenius phaeopus variegatus
Numenius arquatus

Numenius arquata
3us, 1a/us
Totanus solitarius
Totanus fuscus=Totanus maculatus
Totanus melanoleucus
Totanus nebularius

Totanus melanoleuca
Totanus nebularia
2us, 2us/a
Ereunetes ferrugineus
Ereunetes pusillus=Eurenetes pusillus
Ereunetes minutus

Ereunetes alba
Ereunetes minutilla
Ereunetes maritima
Ereunetes alpina
3us, 4a
  • (4) among species of the same gender, feminine majority
Erolia minutilla
Erolia maritima
Erolia alpina
Erolia ferruginea=Erolia testacea
Erolia minuta
Calidris minutilla
Calidris maritima
Calidris alpina
Calidris acuminata
Calidris subminuta
Calidris ferruginea=Calidris subarquata=Calidris testacea
Calidris alba=Calidris arenaria=Calidris leucophaea
Calidris pusilla
Calidris minuta

Calidris pusillus
Calidris minutus
Calidris falcinellus
7a, 2a/us, 1us
Scolopax melanoleuca
Scolopax arquata
Scolopax cinerea
Scolopax rubra
Scolopax minima
Scolopax media
Scolopax grisea
Scolopax limosa
Scolopax mira
Scolopax rusticola
Scolopax nebularia
Scolopax subarquata=Scolopax testacea
Scolopax alba=Scolopax fusca
Scolopax lapponica=Scolopax aegocephala

Scolopax falcinellus
14a, 1us
Tringa alba
Tringa minuta
Tringa minutilla
Tringa maritima
Tringa alpina
Tringa solitaria
Tringa macularia
Tringa lobata
Tringa squatarola
Tringa glareola
Tringa fulicaria
Tringa incana
Tringa semipalmata
Tringa nebularia=Tringa littorea
Tringa pusilla
Tringa melanoleuca
Tringa cinerea
Tringa ferruginea
Tringa atra

Tringa melanoleucus
Tringa cinereus
Tringa ferrugineus
Tringa fuscus
Tringa guttifer
16a, 2a/us, 1a=us, 1us/a, 1er
  1. The contradiction is aparent, Glareola is an apposition
  2. source is untrustworthy: Actitis redirect is the wrong one; all masculine
  3. The feminine of the two first ones and Totanus can be easily dismissed as wrong. The last one is unimportant. Numenius poses an important doubt.
  4. Erolia is to eliminate. Calidris fem/masc can easily be orth.err.; falcinellus of this one and Scolopax could easily be apposition (by the way, falx is fem.). Tringa depends on the interpretation of fuscus and guttifer and poses another doubt.