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I add supplementary information I find on Commons gallery species pages. I have user pages as

I am educated as a physicist, and I have no deep knowledge of taxonomy. I am especially interested in the taxonomy of arctic plants, for instance the arctic species of the Saxifragaceae family. I have contributed with photos of +30 arctic species on Commons primarily taken around Upernavik in Greenland. It is the proper organization fo these photos on Commons which has triggered my interest in taxonomy.


Currently, my objective is to contribute in a bottom-up manner starting with what I know best. As I walk along that path my goals may change or be adjusted.

  1. Learn the name of the game here by studying the help and policies/instructions/templates/data structures.
  2. Create a page for an arctic Saxifrage species and get confirmation from an experiences WikiSpecies, like an admin, to confirm I have understood the name of the game.
  3. Create missing pages for all the arctic Saxifrage species I have photographed in Greenland.
  4. Create missing pages for all the arctic plant species I have photographed in Greenland.
  5. Create missing pages for all the plant and animal species I have photographed in Greenland.
  6. I wonder if I ever this far, we'll see...

Learning the name of the game[edit]

I have studied the main help pages. That raised a few questions, which I need to resolve first

Unresolved questions[edit]

  1. How is a dubious reference marked as such?
  2. Can a vernacular name be listed even if there is not an interwikilink to the Wiki in the same language? This help page is inconsistent regarding this.
    1. Page is consistent. Now I just do not understand why, e.g., VN names may be displayed if there is no associated iw link.
  3. Should the References section be the last? (In that case the interwikis should not be last but follow the VN section for easier cross-reading.)
    1. It appears like the VN section should be last but I am not sure.

Authoritative resources[edit]

My plant species page template[edit]

So far I got the following:

[[Image:Genus species location yyyy-mm-dd n landscape.jpg|thumb|250px|''Genus species'']]
[[Image:Genus species location yyyy-mm-dd n portrait.jpg|thumb|220px|''Gennus species'']]
Species: ''Genus species''<br/>

''Genus species'' [([[OrgFullAuthorName|AbbrOrgAuthorname]])] [[FullNameOfSanctioningAuthor|AbbrNameOfSanctioningAuthor]], [[FA2|A2]], [[FA3|A3]] & [[FA4|A4]], YYYY

Type locality: Los Pambiles (00°32'N, 78°38'W, 1200 m elevation), Río Piedras, Cordillera de Toisán, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador.

Holotype: [[EPN]] 851241.

*''GenSyn1 SpSyn1'' [[FullSynAuthor1|AbbrSynAuthor1]] (etc.), YYYY1
*''GenSyn2 SpSyn2'' [[FullSynAuthor2|AbbrSynAuthor2]] (etc.), YYYY2

* {{aut|Carolus Linnaeus}}: ''Systema Naturae'' '''3''': 25
* {{ITIS|RecNo|''Genus species'', SancAut, YYYY}}
* [[ International Plant Names Index]]

==Vernacular names==
|da="Danish name"
|de="Gernamn name"
|en="English name"
|fi="Finninsh name"
|is="Icelandic name"
|kl="Greenlandig name"
|no="Norwegian (Bokmål) name"
|nn="Norwegian (Nynorsk) name"
|se="Northern Samic name"
|sv="Swedish name"

[[da:Name on Danish Wikipdia]]
[[de:Name on German Wikipedia]]
[[en:Name on English Wikipedia]]
[[fi:Name on Finnish Wikipedia]]
[[is:Name on Icelandic Wikipedia]]
[[kl:Name on Greenlandic Wikipedia]]
[[no:Name on Bokmål Wikipedia]]
[[nn:Name on Nynorsk Wikipedia]]
[[se:Name on Northern Samic Wikipedia]]
[[sv:Name on Swedish Wikipedia]]