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Open access

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Use {{Access}} to produce an icon indicating whether or not a source is directly readable. This template supports generating icons for open access (both standard orange and green), paywall, and hybrid.


The template takes two positional parameters; the first indicates which access policy to generate an image for, and the second indicates the display size of the generated image.

  • |1=: One of open, closed, green or hybrid. Each will generate an icon suitable to indicate the associated access policy. The default is open.
  • |2=: The desired vertical size for the generated icon in any format that is valid for specifying height in the [[File:…]] wikimarkup (see en:Help:Images for details). Sizes smaller than 12 pixels is not recommended as the relevant logos become increasingly hard to distinguish at smaller sizes. It is however recommended to always specify the size to guard against future changes to the default size. Defaults to size 18px.

The image is linked has suitable alternative text set for non-visual user agents.


Example Code Result
Default {{Access}} Open access
Open {{Access|open}} Open access
Closed {{Access|closed}} Paywall
Hybrid {{Access|hybrid}} Hybrid open access journal
Green {{Access|green}} Open access green
Larger open {{Access|open|36px}} Open access
Larger closed {{Access|closed|36px}} Paywall