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Cacopsylla elegans Cacozelia elegans Cacyparis elegans Caecum elegans Caelopygus elegans Caenorhabditis elegans Caenoteleia elegans Caeoma elegans Caeomurus elegans Calamagrostis elegans Calandra elegans Calandrinia elegans Calanus elegans Calaphidius elegans Calathea elegans Calcinus elegans Caldenbachia elegans Caledothele elegans Calephorus elegans Calibrachoa elegans Caligus elegans Caliris elegans Calliandra elegans Callianthe elegans Calliaster elegans Callibracon elegans Callicarpa elegans Callichloea elegans Callichroma elegans Callidemum elegans Calligonum elegans Callimormus elegans Callionima elegans Callionymus elegans Calliostoma elegans Callipteris elegans Callisia elegans Callispa elegans Callista elegans Callistola elegans Callithamnion elegans Callocossus elegans Callomyia elegans Callonema elegans Callopisma elegans Callyspongia elegans Calocalanus elegans Calocheiridius elegans calochortus elegans Calofulcinia elegans Calohilara elegans Calolampra elegans Caloplaca elegans Calopotosia elegans Calopteryx elegans Caloria elegans Calostelma elegans Calotelea elegans Calotheca elegans Calotheria elegans Calycadenia elegans Calyptranthes elegans Cambridgea elegans Camillina elegans Campanulotes elegans Campsotrichum elegans Campuloa elegans Campulosus elegans Campylia elegans Campyloneurus elegans Cancellaria elegans Cancricepon elegans Candelabrella elegans Candida Rugosa elegans Candida rugosa var elegans Canna elegans Canthocamptus Morrisoni elegans Canthon elegans Cantua elegans Capparidastrum elegans Capraella elegans Capulus elegans Carbasea elegans Carcharias elegans Cardiocondyla elegans Cardioglossa elegans Cardiorhinus elegans Cardiosyne elegans Cardita elegans Carenum elegans Carex elegans Carinostoma elegans Carphurus elegans Carpolepis elegans Cartodere elegans Carum elegans Caryanda elegans Casparya elegans Casphalia elegans Cassia elegans Castalia elegans Castilleja elegans Casuarina elegans Catalabus elegans Catalebeda elegans Catapoecilma elegans Catascopus elegans Catenicella elegans Catopygus elegans Caulophacus elegans Caulospongia elegans Caupolicana elegans Cavernularia elegans Ceanothus elegans Cecidocharella elegans Cecidomyia elegans Cedrus elegans Celeus elegans Celsia elegans Centaurea elegans Centridermichthys elegans Centrinaspis elegans Centris elegans Centrobolus elegans Centrocardita elegans Centrocerum elegans Centrodinium elegans Centropages elegans Centropyxiella elegans Centruroides elegans Centrurus elegans Cephalodella elegans Cephalodiplosporium elegans Cephaloplatus elegans Cephalosporium elegans Cephalostenus elegans Cephalota elegans Cephalothrips elegans Cephaloziella elegans Cepon elegans Ceraeochrysa elegans Cerambix elegans Cerambyx elegans Ceramium Diaphanum elegans Ceramium elegans Diaphanoideum Ceramium elegans Fastigiatum Ceramium elegans Longiarticulata Ceramium Siliquosum elegans Ceraochalina Multiformis elegans Cerapachys elegans Ceraspis elegans Cerastium elegans Cerateleia elegans Ceratomyxa elegans Ceratopodium elegans Ceratopogon elegans Cerceris elegans Cercinthus elegans Cercopithecus Pogonias elegans Cercopithecus Wolfi elegans Cerdistus elegans Cereatta elegans Ceresia elegans Cereus elegans Cerinthe Major elegans Cerithiopsida elegans Cerithium elegans Cerobates elegans Cerocephala elegans Ceropegia elegans Cesonia elegans Cestrotus elegans Cestrum elegans Cethegus elegans Cetoconcha elegans Cetonia elegans Ceuthophilus elegans Chabertia elegans Chaenon elegans Chaerophyllum elegans Chaetanthera elegans Chaetoceros elegans Chaetocladius elegans Chaetoderma elegans Chaetonotus elegans Chaetopappa elegans Chaetophora elegans Chaetosphaeria elegans Chaetospila elegans Chalara elegans Chalarostylis elegans Chalcosyrphus elegans Chalinissa elegans Chalinodendron elegans Chalinopsilla elegans Chama elegans Chamaedorea elegans Chamaefistula elegans Chamaemyia elegans Chara elegans Characiopsis elegans Charadrius elegans Chariaster elegans Charinus australianus elegans Chascolytrum elegans Cheilanthes elegans Cheiloneurus elegans Cheilosporum elegans Cheiracanthium elegans Cheiropsis elegans Chelifer elegans Chelisia elegans Chersotis elegans Chesneya elegans Chevreulia elegans Chiliospora elegans Chironomus elegans Chitonomyces elegans Chlamydobotrys elegans Chlamydomonas elegans Chloraea elegans Chloris elegans Chlorogonium elegans Chlorolestes elegans Chloropsina elegans Chlorornis riefferii elegans Chlorosarcina elegans Chlorostilbon elegans Chlosyne Leanira elegans Choeridium elegans Choetospila elegans Chondracanthus elegans Chondria elegans Chorebus elegans Chorispermum elegans Chorispora elegans Choristes elegans Chorizocarpa elegans Chortoicetes elegans Chromatopterum elegans Chromodoris elegans Chronogaster elegans Chroococcus limneticus elegans Chrysallida elegans Chrysanthemum elegans Chrysemys scripta elegans Chrysochernes elegans Chrysococcocystis elegans Chrysogaster elegans Chrysogorgia elegans Chrysolampus elegans Chrysopetalum elegans Chrysopidia elegans Chrysopilus elegans Chrysothamnus elegans Chrysotoxum elegans Chrysotus elegans Chrysurus elegans Chunula elegans Chusquea elegans Chyliza elegans Chytridium elegans Cibusoides elegans Cicerina elegans Cicindela elegans Cimex elegans Cinara elegans Cinctipora elegans Cinnamomum elegans Circobotys elegans Cissus elegans Cistus elegans Citharexylum elegans Cladochalina elegans Cladochytrium elegans Cladoderris elegans Cladonia Crispata elegans Cladonia Scabriuscula elegans Cladophora elegans Major Cladosporium elegans Cladotrichium elegans Clanoptilus elegans Claoxylon elegans Clarkia elegans Clathria elegans Clathrulina elegans Claudea elegans Clavaria elegans Clavaria Rugosa elegans Clavelina elegans Cleisocratera elegans Cleonymus elegans Cleopus elegans Clerodendrum elegans Cleviceras elegans Clianella elegans Clidemia elegans Clidemia Hirta elegans Cliffortia Graminea elegans Clinocephalus elegans Clintonia elegans Clivina elegans Cloacina elegans Clonia elegans Clossiana elegans Closterium Peracerosum elegans Closterium peracerosum var elegans Closterium Strigosum elegans Closterium strigosum var elegans Clusiella elegans Clypeola elegans Clytostoma elegans Clytus elegans Cnesinus elegans Cobalopsis elegans Cobitis elegans Coccocarpia elegans Coccothrinax elegans Cochlespira elegans Cochlostoma elegans Cochylimorpha elegans Codonanthe elegans Codonosmilia elegans Coelinidea elegans Coelomomyces elegans Coeloria elegans Coenosia elegans Coenura elegans Colaconema elegans Coleonyx elegans Colias elegans Collaria elegans Colletes elegans Collinia elegans Colopalpus elegans Colpocraspeda elegans Colpophyllia elegans Colposcenia elegans Coluber elegans Columbella elegans Columnea elegans Coluria elegans Colymbetes elegans Comanthera elegans Comatricha elegans Comitas elegans Commelina elegans Commius elegans Compsocus elegans Conchocarpus elegans Conchoecia elegans Condea elegans Coniocarpon elegans Coniophora elegans Conioscinella elegans Conocybe elegans Conoderus elegans Conops elegans Conosmilia elegans Conotrachelus elegans Conus elegans Convoluta elegans Convolvulus elegans Coprosma elegans Coptaspis elegans Coptoclavella elegans Coptocycla elegans Coptorhynchus elegans Coracina Papuensis elegans Corallina elegans Corallocarpus elegans Corallomyces elegans Corallomycetella elegans Corbicula elegans Corbitella elegans Cordulecerus elegans Cordylocera elegans Coregonus elegans Coreopsis elegans Corephorus elegans Corethromyces elegans Cornularia elegans Cornus Hongkongensis elegans Coronella elegans Coronilla elegans Coronium elegans Correbidia elegans Corvospongilla Boehmi elegans Corydalis elegans elegans Corydalis elegans Corydoras elegans Nijsseni Corydoras elegans Corydorus elegans Corynomalus elegans Corynoptera elegans Corythodinium elegans Corythucha elegans Coscinodiscus elegans Cosmarium Annulatum elegans Cosmarium annulatum var elegans Cosmarium Seelyanum elegans Cosmarium Tetragonum elegans Cosmocoma elegans Cosmoderes elegans Cosmosoma elegans Costentalina elegans Costria elegans Costus elegans Cothurnia elegans Cotoneaster elegans Cotyledon elegans Cracca elegans Craniella elegans Craspedocephalus elegans Craspedochiton elegans Craspedonema elegans Craspedoplax elegans Crassina elegans Crassula elegans Crataegus elegans Craterellus elegans Crella elegans Crematogaster elegans Crenatula elegans Crenicara elegans Crenicichla elegans Creoleon elegans Crepis elegans Cribraria elegans Cribrella elegans Cribrosoconcha elegans Cricotopus elegans Crinum elegans Crocidura Lamottei elegans Cromna elegans Crossocheilus elegans Crotalus Ruber elegans Croton elegans Crypteronia elegans Cryptocarya elegans Cryptocheilus elegans Cryptocheiridium elegans Cryptoditha elegans Cryptographis elegans Cryptomeigenia elegans Cryptopygus elegans Cryptorhynchus elegans Cryptospira elegans Cryptotaenia elegans Ctenelmis elegans Ctenicera elegans Ctenium elegans Cuapetes elegans Cubanocheiridium elegans Cucullaea elegans Cucullanus elegans Culeolus elegans Culex elegans Cunninghamella elegans Cupania elegans Cuphea elegans Cupuladria elegans Curculio elegans Curimata elegans Curimatus elegans Cuscuta elegans Cusoria elegans Cusparia elegans Cuspidaria elegans Cyanonemertes elegans Cyartonema elegans Cyathea elegans Cyathus elegans Cybele elegans Cybiosarda elegans Cyclamen elegans Cyclanorbis elegans Cyclaspis elegans Cyclea elegans Cyclobothra elegans Cyclocardia elegans Cyclocephala elegans Cyclopina elegans Cyclopinodes elegans Cyclopogon elegans Cyclops elegans Cycloseris elegans Cyclostrema elegans Cyerce elegans Cylindrocladiella elegans Cylindrostoma elegans Cymatoceras elegans Cymatoderma elegans Cymbachus elegans Cymbodinium elegans Cymindis elegans Cymothoa elegans Cynanchum elegans Cynodictis elegans Cynodon Dactylon elegans Cynodon dactylon var elegans Cynodonichthys elegans Cynolebias elegans Cynorkis elegans Cynosurus elegans Cypella elegans Cyperus elegans Cyphella elegans Cyphocerastis elegans Cyphomyia elegans Cyphus elegans Cyprinodon elegans Cyptocephala elegans Cyrene elegans Cyrenella elegans Cyriocosmus elegans Cyriocrates elegans Cyrtandra elegans Cyrtonema elegans Cyrtopodion elegans Cyrtopodium elegans Cyrtopora elegans Cyrtostachys elegans Cyrtotrachelus elegans Cystoseira elegans Cytherea elegans Cytospora elegans