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taxon authority → author name?[edit]

If "author" is used in the first parameter (or one of these values: "Author", "authority", "Authority", "taxon-authority", "Taxon-authority"), the following text is displayed in English:

  • "The taxon authority Refer may refer to:"

Here are the translations in German and French:

  • "Der Autorenname Refer kann sich beziehen auf:"
  • "Le nom d'auteur Refer peut faire référence à :"

The term "taxon" is not used; the text simply refers to the author's name.

Sometimes, in disambiguation pages, one of the author listed is not a taxon authority (recent example: author Noura Slimani, disambiguation page Slimani).

I suggest replacing "taxon authority" with "author name", as in the German and French translations. Korg (talk) 22:26, 14 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]