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This template is intended for listing a family, subfamily or superfamily name in the Taxonavigation section of Wikispecies pages. It will automatically add a forced line break at the end.


Instead of writing for example

Familia: [[Canidae]] <br/>

one can instead simply write

Familia: {{fbr|Canidae}}

which will render in exactly the same way, as follows:

Familia: Canidae

including a forced line break at the end.

Alternate names[edit]

A pipe can be used when needing to display something else than the page name. For example,

Familia: {{fbr|Heterocheilidae (Nematoda)|Heterocheilidae}}

will render as

Familia: Heterocheilidae

but the actual link will lead to the Heterocheilidae (Nematoda) page (instead of to for instance the Heterocheilidae or Heterocheilidae (Diptera) pages).

See also[edit]

  • {{Gbr}} – an equivalent template for use on genus and subgenus pages