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Regional Checklists[edit]

Lamas and Williams have both produced recent systematic regional checklists of Lycaenidae. Both retain Theclinae as a subfamily.

Lamas has two Tribes of Theclinae: Eumaeini and Theclini
Williams has two Tribes of Theclinae: Aphnaeini and Theclini
These reflect the fauna of the restricted areas covered by each author.

Additionally, Williams lists a number of Subtribes, whereas Lamas has Sections. A number of Williams' Subtribes are treated as Tribes by Eliot's work which covered all geographic regions.

The use of Subtribes can lead to complications for the casual browser, and their status is certain to be subject to argument. Therefore it seems sensible to me to stay for the time being with the Tribes of Eliot and to list under each Tribe just included Genera, not Sections or Subtribes. Accassidy 09:49, 27 April 2009 (UTC)


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