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Mr. Totipotent,

You are Master of Science of 2010 and you had certain concerns on Culicidae. But, I must say to you that I am a doctor of biology of 1972 and I am a specialist in entomoparasitology and biogeography, specialist on Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae and other families of more than 55 years and with more than 430 works. When I wrote that the page of taxonavigation on the Sarcophaga kind sensu Pape is false, I know very well what I say and you do not have the knowledge necessary to contradict me. You copied the aberrations of Pape from this kind and you made a taxonomic joke on your wiki, by inflating your personality. At the same time, you do not have the right to erase opinons them users. Those must be for the knowledge of the readers. - Anlirian, 12.12.2010

(Comment moved from article. Ark (talk page) 10:23, 12 December 2010 (UTC))
"This page of " Taxonavigation " (?) is most execrable and bad page on the taxonomy of the family of Sarcophagidae. She symbolizes ignorance, the silly thing and the swindle of large the impostor of our time Thomas Pape, which do not know what a kind and a subfamily. By its " theoretical " cladistic mystifications on the taxonomy of the " Sarcophaga genus " sensu Pape, which eliminate the valid kinds and transform these kinds in invalid " sub-genus ", it threw a great number of similar epithets, by transforming them into fictitious " synonyms " and thus it could steal, under its name, a great number of species, established well by the largest specialists in the world. To check my assertions, you can consult the work of Lehrer, A.Z., 2000, The taxonomic system of Sarcophaginae afrotropicales (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) - Entomologica Bari, 34: 41-63. In this work (p. 42) is written: " - 35 noms nouveaux - suite des homonymes qui contreviennent aux dispositions de C.I.N.Z. ; - 41 synonymes génériques - suite de la dégradation des genres valides ; - 68 synonymes spécifiques - suite des insuffisances morphologiques et taxonomiques de l’auteur [Pape, n.n.] ; - 134 tatuts nouveaux - pour les genres degradés subjectivement ; - 88 combinaisons nouvelles - suite de ses manoevres phylogénétiques. ». Cette page doit être éliminée, parce qu’elle est totalement fausse au point de vue scientifique. This page must be eliminated, because it is completely false from the scientific point of view. Anlirian, 12DEC 2010"