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Spelling of the genus name[edit]

Compared to this name, of the three orthographic variants on the taxon page, Rhyticaryum is most commonly encountered - see references on the Icacinaceae page. In addition, Flora Malesiana(1972) had adopted Beccari's "corrected" variant published a few months later in 1877. However, Art. 60.1 rules that "The original spelling of a name or epithet is to be retained, except for the correction of typographical or orthographical errors ..." For example, see Rhytidophyllum in the appendix IIIA of the previous Vienna code: Conservation was necessary to change the original spelling Rytidophyllum into Rhytidophyllum. Therefore, adopting the most conservative approach, it appears that until a formal proposal is made for conservation of Rhyticaryum Becc. (1877) to the Committee for Vascular Plants, Ryticaryum is the correct spelling for this genus under Art. 60.1. Thanks to Franz Xaver for his advice and discussion here on the VP. Links to the protologue and its variants are found on the taxon page. Andyboorman (talk) 19:14, 7 July 2016 (UTC)