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This taxon is disputed on two grounds. Firstly, is now recognised as an illegal name being a superfluous synonym of Silvaea Phil. Fl. Atacam. 21. (1860) and was rejected for conservation (Brummitt, 1993), furthermore, this decision has not been overturned. Therefore, its use by Nyffeler & Eggli (2010) and subsequent workers and authorities, as genus, is incorrect under ICN Art 11. Secondly, most authorities are content to follow Hershkovitz (1991) and lump combinations of Philippiamra into Cistanthe Spach. (1836), as segregated from Calandrinia s.l. Kunth. (1823). The taxon page for Philippiamra is kept for reference only and because it is used by Ogburn & Edwards, (2015) to informally refer to a group of species they term the "Philippiamra lineage". The taxon page should not be seen as a definition of legitimacy. Andyboorman (talk) 18:15, 18 April 2017 (UTC)