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Prymnesiophyta Hibberd ex Doweld, Prosyllabus Tracheoph.: lxxii. 2001.

Synonyms or similar groups

  • Prymnesiophyta Hibberd, 1976 (nom. inval.)
  • Haptophyta Hibberd, 1972



Hibberd (1976)


Hibberd, D.J. (1976). The ultrastructure and taxonomy of the Chrysophyceae and Prymnesiophyceae (Haptophyceae): a survey with some new observations on the ultrastructure of the Chrysophyceae. Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Botany 72: 55–80.


Green et al., in Margulis et al. (1990)


Green, J.C., Perch-Nielsen, K. & Westbroek, P., 1990. 17. Phylum Prymnesiophyta. In: Margulis, L., J.O. Corliss, M. Melkonian, D.J. Chapman (ed.). Handbook of Protoctista. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, p. 293-317. See Brands, S.J. (1989-2015), [1].

Kingdom Protoctista (Hogg, 1861) Margulis & Schwartz, 1988

Doweld (2001)