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Patricia Anne Wolseley, British lichenologist

  • Department of Botany, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, London, SW7 5BD, UK (address in 2006)

IPNI standard form: Wolseley

Taxon names authored

(List may be incomplete)

Published author of:

Bactrospora subdryina Sparrius, Saipunk. & Wolseley, 2006 (Thailand)
Bactrospora perspiralis Sparrius, Saipunk. & Wolseley, 2006 (Thailand)
Enterographa mesomela Sparrius, Saipunk. & Wolseley, 2006 (Vietnam, Thailand)
Fuscopannaria siamensis P.M.Jørg. & Wolseley, 2000
Lecanographa atropunctata Sparrius, Saipunk. & Wolseley, 2006 (Thailand).
Lepraria atrotomentosa Orange & Wolseley, 2001
Parmotrema euplectinum Elix, Noicharoen & Wolseley, 2003
Pyrrhospora fuscisidiata Aptroot & Wolseley, 2007
Pyrrhospora luminescens Aptroot & Wolseley, 2007
Rinodina citrinisidiata Aptroot & Wolseley, 2007


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