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Patrick Martin McCarthy (1955– ), Australian lichenologist and botanist.

Address in 2003:
Australian Biological Resources Study, GPO Box 787,
Canberra, A.C.T. 2601, Australia.

IPNI standard form: P.M.McCarthy

Taxon names authored

(List may be incomplete)

Strigula australiensis P.M.McCarthy, 1995
Strigula austropunctata P.M.McCarthy, 2009
Strigula caerulensis P.M.McCarthy, 2009
Strigula decipiens (Malme) P.M.McCarthy, 1997
Strigula elixii P.M.McCarthy, 2001
Strigula fossulicola P.M.McCarthy, Streimann & Elix, 1996
Strigula fractans P.M.McCarthy, 1997
Strigula johnsonii P.M.McCarthy, 1995
Strigula lacericola P.M.McCarthy, 2009
Strigula minutula P.M.McCarthy, 1995
Strigula natalis P.M.McCarthy, 2001
Strigula oceanica P.M.McCarthy, Streimann & Elix, 1996
Strigula rupestris P.M.McCarthy, 1997
Verrucaria aranensis P.M.McCarthy, 1988
Verrucaria knowlesiae P.M.McCarthy, 1988
Verrucaria simplex P.M.McCarthy, 1988


(List may be incomplete)

  • McCarthy, P.M. (ed.) 2001: Flora of Australia. Volume 58A. Lichens 3. - ABRS/CSIRO Australia, Melbourne. 242 pp.   **[RLL List # 187 / Rec.# 23247] - (Recent Literature on Lichens)**
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