Maria Begoña Aguirre-Hudson

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Maria Begoña Aguirre-Hudson   (1960 - )   (M.B.Aguirre)

[Begoña Aguirre-Hudson]


Address (in 2007): Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3DS, UK.

Author of the following lichens:

Capronia longonigra (Norman) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Celothelium buxi (J.Steiner) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Celothelium dominicanum (Vainio) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Celothelium ischnobelum (Nyl.) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Celothelium stenobelum (Nyl.) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Cresporhaphis acerina (Rehm) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Cresporhaphis macrospora (Eitner) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Cresporhaphis muelleri (Duby) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Cresporhaphis pinicola (Samp.) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Cresporhaphis ulmi Calat. & M.B.Aguirre, 2001
Cresporhaphis wienkampii (J.Lahm ex Hazslin) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Leptorhaphis laricis (Lahm) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Leptorhaphis opunticola L.A.Fiol & M.B.Aguirre, 1993
Rinodina euskadiensis A.Crespo & M.B.Aguirre, 1984
Rhytidiella beloniza (Stirt.) M.B.Aguirre, 1991
Stictis candida (J.Steiner) M.B.Aguirre, 1991

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Selected publications[edit]

  • Aguirre-Hudson, B., Kokubun, T., Spooner, B.M. and Tibell, L. (2007) Taxonomy of Calicium victorianum (F. Wilson) Tibell (Caliciaceae, Lecanorales), a lichenized ascomycete new to Europe. The Lichenologist 39: 401–407.[1]
  • Calatayud, V. and Aguirre-Hudson, B. (2001) Observations on the Cresporhaphis (Trichosphaeriaceae), with a key to known species, and C. ulmi sp. nov. Mycological Research 105: 122–126. [2]
  • Aguirre-Hudson, B. (1991) A taxonomic study of the species referred to the ascomycete genus Leptorhaphis. - Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Botany 21 (2): 85–192.