Mikhail V. Nazarkin

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Mikhail V. Nazarkin, ichthyologist.

  • Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia
  • E-mail: m_nazarkin@mail.ru

Taxon names authored

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  • Nazarkin, M.V. 2014. The fossil viperfish Chauliodus testa sp. nov. (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae) from the Neogene of western Sakhalin, Russia. Paleontological Journal 48(3): 317–325. doi: 10.1134/S0031030114030150 Reference page
  • Nazarkin, M. V., 2015: Fossil Bristlemouth Cyclothone mukhachevae sp. nov. (Stomiiformes: Gonostomatidae) from the Neogene of Western Sakhalin, Russia. Paleontological Journal 49 (2): 162–175. doi: 10.1134/S0031030115020045
  • Voskoboinikova, O. S. & Nazarkin, M. V., 2015: Georgimarinus gen. nov. A New Genus of the Family Cyclopteridae (Cottoidei). Journal of Ichthyology, 55 (5): 630-635. doi: 10.1134/S003294521505015X