Igor A. Chereshnev

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Igor A. Chereshnev, ichthyologist.

Taxon names authored

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  • Chereshnev, I. A. & Skopets, M. B., 1990: Salvethymus svetovidovi gen. et sp. nova -- a new endemic fish of the subfamily Salmoninae from Lake El'gygytgyn (Central Chukotka). Voprosy Ikhtiologii, 30 (2): 201–213.
  • Shedko, S.V. & Chereshnev, I.A. 2005. [Review of the gobies (Perciformes, Gobiidae) from fresh waters of the Kuril islands.] Pp. 435-455. In: Makarchenko, E.A. (ed.): [Vladimir Ya. Levanidov's Biennial memorial meetings, 3]. Dal'nauka, Vladivostik. [In Russian, English summary.] Reference page