Apteronotus lindalvae

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Taxonavigation: Gymnotiformes 
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Ordo: Gymnotiformes

Familia: Apteronotidae
Genus: Apteronotus
Species: Apteronotus lindalvae


  • Apteronotus lindalvae de Santana & Cox Fernandes, 2012

Holotype: INPA 27688. Paratypes: INPA 15977 (37, 2 c&s), 16076 (4), 16077 (36); ANSP 192180 (6); MPEG 21687 (2); USNM 404358 (2).

Type locality: Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Uatumã, Cachoeira do Mirití.

Etymology: The species name lindalvae is presented in honor of Lindalva Sales da Costa Serrão, who has been contributing to the organization of INPA’s fish collection for more than two decades.


  • de Santana, C.D. & Cox Fernandes, C., 2012: A New Species of Sexually Dimorphic Electric Knifefish from the Amazon Basin, Brazil (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae). Copeia, 2012 (2): 283-292.