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William Thomas Stearn (1911–2001), British botanist.

Standard IPNI form: Stearn

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  • Stearn, W.T. 1957. An introduction to the Species Plantarum and cognate botanical works of Carl Linnaeus. Pp. 1-176 in Linnaeus, C., Species plantarum. A facsimile of the first edition 1753. Vol. 1. Ray Society, London. Reference page
  • Stearn, W.T. 1978. Mediterranean and Indian species of Drimia (Liliaceae): A nomenclatural survey with special reference to the medicinal squill, D. maritima (syn. Urginea maritima). Annales Musei Goulandris 4: 199–210. Reference page
  • Stearn, W.T. 1992. Botanical Latin History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology and Vocabulary. 4th Ed. Oregon, Timber Press. Reference page
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