William R. Riedel

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William Rex Riedel: Radiolarist.

"William R. Riedel began at Scripps by joining Northern Holiday Expedition in 1951 and becoming a staff member in 1956. His specialty has been the intricately shelled radiolarians, a complex group of organisms that he has found defies easy classification. They can, however, be used as indicators of geologic age, and by the mid-1960s Riedel was detailing the movement of fossil radiolarians away from the East Pacific Rise, a movement that became one more verification of sea-floor spreading. He has analyzed radiolarians from all the oceans and from marine sediments on land, and has, for example, been able to establish a radiolarian zonation that divides the Cretaceous period into seven parts. Since the mid-1950s Riedel also has been curator of the Scripps collection of sea-floor cores and dredged rocks." from Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Probing the Oceans 1936 to 1976. San Diego, Calif: Tofua Press, 1978. [Online version]