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William Forsell Kirby (January 14, 1844 – November 20, 1912), English entomologist.

Authored taxa[edit]

Works Include[edit]

  • Kirby, W. F., 1899. On a Collection of Mantidae fom the Transvaal &c. formed by Mr. W. L. Distant. Annals and magazine of natural history, 7(4): 344–353. BHL Reference page. 
  • Kirby, W. F. 1910. A synonymic catalogue of Orthoptera. Orthoptera Saltatoria, 3(1). London. Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum. 664 pp. BHL Reference page. 
  • Kirby, W.F. 1894–1897. A hand-book to the order Lepidoptera. W.H. Allen, London

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