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William Baird (1803–1872), British zoologist, especially ostracodologist

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(List may be incomplete)

  • Baird, W. 1838: The Natural History of the British Entomostraca, Part IV. Magazine of Zoology and Botany, 2 (VIII) 132-144, plate 5. PDF
  • Baird, W. 1843: Notes on British Entomostraca. The Zoologist, A Popular Miscellany of Natural History, 1 (7) 193-197.
  • Baird, W. 1845: Arrangement of the British Entomostraca, with a List of Species, particularly noticing those which have as yet been discovered within the bounds of the Club. History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, 2 (13) 145-158. PDF
  • Baird, W. 1850: Description of several new species of Entomostraca. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 18 (217) 254-257, 2 plates (XVII-XVIII). PDF
  • Baird, W. 1850: The natural history of the British Entomostraca. I-VIII, 1-364, 36 plates. PDF

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