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This proposal failed to reach consensus and is kept as reference and as historical purposes.

The implementation of global user rights on Wikimedia projects extends to Wikispecies. This policy defines their use on this wiki.

Use of rights


Stеwards, like global sysops, are free to use all rights to assist with vandal-whacking. In their global role, stewards grant CheckUser and Oversight permissions to all projects and can remove all permissions. These actions can affect Wikispecies, but are done and logged at Meta-Wiki.

Global sysops are users with global permissions associated with the fighting of vandals, especially on smaller wikis which struggle to deal with the level of vandalism.

Global sysops are permitted to use any of the rights associated with their role on Wikispecies. However, any Wikispecies administrator can ask a global sysop to stop using their tools if what they deem to be misuse occurs, and the global sysop must comply with such a request. Such a decision by an administrator can be appealed to the wider community. Failure to comply may result in an indefinite block.

Removal of rights


A user who abuses their global rights by knowingly or recklessly using their global rights on Wikispecies in contravention of this policy should be reported to Meta-Wiki or #wikimedia-stewards immediately, where the stewards will determine whether an emergency removal of tools is required. An indefinite block may also be placed on the account locally during this period if necessary to prevent further abuse (see the above section).