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Welcome, but...


Hi! My Wiki-home is en.Wikipedia, but right now I'm hopping constantly between most Sister projects providing tools for productivity to all and sundry from Meta, the Commons, and en.wp.


  1. W:Category:Interwiki utility templates,
  2. W:Category:Interwiki link templates,
  3. W:Category:Miscellaneous templates, and
  4. W:Category:Uncategorized templates

for some of what 'Productivity enhancing tools' I'll be porting over.

Reach me at M:User talk:Fabartus or W:User Talk:Fabartus...
The former lets me know by email that the page's been changed. Use when hot!
Or just email direct: Thanks! // FrankB 04:33, 3 September 2006 (UTC)Reply

If your message can wait... (Praise is nice!) you can leave it here... I'll be bye sooner or later, RL permitting! Cheers! // The management.