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{{User:Willscrlt/UBX/Userbox-r}} — makes a reversed userbox for users to provide information about themselves on their user page. This version has an ID box on the right and a larger Info area on the left (the reverse of the standard userbox).

This template was modified from my standard userbox template, which is very similar to the Userbox-r template available on the English Wikipedia, which may have more usage examples and may have been changed since it was copied.



Using the compact form, you do not use labels; simply include the values in the proper order. All attributes are optional, but you may not skip any attributes prior to the one you want to specify. It is the order of the attributes that is important in this form. Skipping attributes messes up the order and breaks the template.

 | color 1
 | color 2
 | id
 | info
 | id size


Using the extended form gives you much more control, but you must use labels as shown. All attributes are optional and may appear in any order.

 |id       = id text or image
 |id-c     = id background color
 |id-fc    = id font color
 |id-s     = id text size
 |id-p     = id cell padding space
 |id-lh    = id line height
 |id-op    = id other parameter (CSS)
 |id-w     = id box width
 |id-h     = id box height
 |info     = info text
 |info-c   = info background color
 |info-fc  = info font color
 |info-s   = info text size
 |info-p   = info padding (distance between cell contents & cell border)
 |info-lh  = info line height (or distance in between text lines)
 |info-op  = info other (CSS) parameter(s)
 |border-c = box color
 |border-s = border width in pixels


  • If border-c is not specified, id-c will be used
  • Equal signs ("=") break the compact form. You will have to use the extended form if you include an equal sign.
  • Pipes ("|") characters may break both forms. You may be able to use the {{!}} template or a related template in place of the pipe.

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