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VNbot is based on the Python Wikipedia Robot Framework.

What VNbot is doing?[edit]

Sleeping now, hoping his owner will have time to wake him up again

I am programmed to...

  1. Create vernacular name "{{VN... }}" entries based on interwikis currently on the page being modified (in other words, I can't (yet?) search other sites (* for article pages - I only see what's on the taxon page in front of me)

See conversation: Vernacular Names (Village Pump)*

  1. Removes unnecessary "__NOTOC__" (It's alread in the {{Main}} template of every taxonavigation).
  2. Removes asterisks on interwikis (e.g. "*[[en:Cow]]")
  3. Removes unnecessary spaces in subheadings and interwikis
  4. Removes unnecessary "right|" parameter in image links

Could have more functionality coded - see "could do" below.

(In the past, it was waiting see what happened with Template:VN2)

*Be careful of parenthesis like Polski: Hortensja (roślina) on Hydrangea.

Examples of VNbot's initial work:

What VNbot could do[edit]

Some tasks are similar to HarrivBOT (inactive since early January 2007)

  1. Place the vernacular name section below the reference section if it's not there already.
  2. Format existing {{VN|de=...}} to one entry per line** (to easily add/remove/edit entries and read "diff" history).
  3. Does it now! Make the "==Vernacular names==" section heading consistent (Variations that exist: "== Vernacular Names ==", "== In Wikipedia ==", "== Interwikis ==", etc)
  4. Does it now! Make the "==References==" section heading consistent (in most cases add an "s") and add an asteriks/bullet point for each reference given.
  5. Format reference section entries consistently (e.g. +{{aut|Carolus Linnaeus}} to Systema Naturae and Species Plantarum entries)
  6. Reorder interwikis alphabetically or whatever makes most sense on meta:Interwiki sorting order
  7. Does it now! Remove __NOTOC__
  8. Convert hard-coded urls (e.g. into template {{GRINnomen|425579}}. Other URL templates: GRINgenus, ITIS, PLANTS, etc.
  9. Fix minor inconsistencies: "[[image:..." to "[[Image:..."
  10. Add italics (if genus or lower) and wikilinks to image captions
  11. Other things in the future... ?

Suggestions?... post them on my talk page or send me an email.. Thanks.

**Example of "one entry per line":


Instead of:

{{VN|bg=Птици|de=Vögel|en=Birds|es=Ave|fr=Oiseau|nl=Vogels ...etc.}}