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Annotated Checklist of New Zealand Tenebrionidae[edit]

by Stephen Thorpe (User:Stho002)

Most recent update by: Stho002 02:21, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

Key: A adventive, ? establishment uncertain, * endemic genus

Actizeta albata Pascoe, 1875*
Actizeta fusca Watt, 1992
?Adelium brevicorne Blessig, 1861 A
Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer, 1797) A
Alphitobius laevigatus (Fabricius, 1781) A
Amarygmus watti Bremer, 2005 A
Aphtora rufipes Bates, 1872*
Archaeoglenes costipennis Broun, 1893
Artystona erichsoni (White, 1846)*
Artystona lata Watt, 1992
Artystona obscura Sharp, 1886
Artystona richmondiana Watt, 1992
Artystona rugiceps Bates, 1874
Artystona wakefieldi Bates, 1874
Chrysopeplus expolitus (Broun, 1880)*
Chrysopeplus triregius Watt, 1992
Demtrius carinulatus Broun, 1895*
Exadelium rufilabrum (Broun, 1886)*
Gnatocerus cornutus A
Gonocephalum elderi (Blackburn, 1892) A
?Hypaulax crenata (Boisduval, 1835) A
Kaszabadelium aucklandicum (Broun, 1880)*
Partystona metallica Watt, 1992*
Platydema sp. A
Pseudhelops antipodensis Watt, 1971*
Pseudhelops capitalis (Broun, 1917)
Pseudhelops chathamensis Watt, 1992
Pseudhelops clandestinus Watt, 1971
Pseudhelops liberalis Watt, 1971
Pseudhelops posticalis Broun, 1909
Pseudhelops quadricollis Broun, 1909
Pseudhelops tuberculatus
Stenadelium striatum Watt, 1992*
Tanychilus metallicus
Tanychilus sophorae
Tenebrio molitor A
Tenebrio obscurus A
Tribolium castaneum A
Tribolium confusum A
Uloma sanguinipes (Fabricius, 1775) A
Uloma tenebrionoides (White, 1846)
Ulomotypus laevigatus Broun, 1886*
Wattadelium alienum*
Wattadelium curtulum
Wattadelium pleurale
Xylochus dentipes*
Xylochus spinifer
Xylochus tibialis
Xylochus triregius
Zeadelium aeratum (Broun, 1880)*
Zeadelium arthurense Watt, 1992
Zeadelium australe Watt, 1992
Zeadelium bullatum (Pascoe, 1876)
Zeadelium chalmeri (Broun, 1883)
Zeadelium complicatum (Broun, 1911)
Zeadelium femorale (Broun, 1910)
Zeadelium gratiosum (Broun, 1893)
Zeadelium hanseni (Broun, 1885)
Zeadelium hudsoni (Broun, 1909)
Zeadelium indigator (Broun, 1886)
Zeadelium intermedium (Sharp, 1886)
Zeadelium intricatum (Broun, 1880)
Zeadelium lentum (Broun, 1880)
Zeadelium nigritulum (Broun, 1885)
Zeadelium parvum Watt, 1992
Zeadelium senile Watt, 1992
Zeadelium simplex (Sharp, 1886)
Zeadelium thoracicum (Broun, 1880)
Zeadelium zelandicum (Bates, 1874)
Zolodinus zelandicus (Blanchard, [1847])*
Zomedes borealis Watt, 1992*


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