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This is a poster of different species of flowers!

About me


Hi there! My name is Dove Smith. My nickname here on Wikispecies is User:Dove8. I have a huge passion for wildlife and plants. I read hundreds of encyclopedias on them. I describe myself as a naturalist, explorer and photographer. I first joined Wikispecies in January 2019.

My jobs on Wikispecies


On Wikispecies, I delightfully welcome any new users that joins the project. I also clean up articles too, fix dead links, request speedy deletion tags and add the stub template to any articles that are short, if necessarily.

My interests


I'm interested in sustainability, transitions, climate change, global warming, community engagement in environmental and social issues, disaster management and conflict resolution. I also like to think that I have learned a great deal, but really my learning has made me realise that I know very little and that there is always much more to learn. As I keep learning, I like to share what I do know, which ism why I like Wikispecies. Hopefully, the occasional small edits I add here and there are of help to the wider community. If you ever want to drop me a note, please do!



Feel free to contact me via: