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Don Osborn
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On Wikispecies, particular interest in forest flora, and food crops (including so-called "lost crops") and other cultivated plants in West Africa.

For common (vernacular) names, am using the following compilations:

  • Bambara/Bamanankan: Bamanankan Jiri Tɔgɔw (2003), which includes common names from:
    • Aubreville, A. 1950. Flore forestière soudano-guinéenne. Paris: Société d’Éditions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniales.
    • Bailleul, Charles. 1996. Dictionnaire Français-Bambara. Bamako: Éditions Donniya.
    • Berhaut, Jean. 1967. Flore du Sénégal, 2me éd. Dakar: Éditions Clairafrique.
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    • Parkan, Josef. 1973. Dendrologie forestière (I & II). UNESCO & Institut Polytechnique de Katibougou, Mali (polycopie).
    • [Senegal ?] "Arbres et arbustes en pays Wolof Saloum-Saloum." (Tableaux Nos. 8a-8d photocopiés d'une publication polycopiée dont on ignore le titre.)
    • von Maydell, Hans-Jurgen. 1986. Trees and Shrubs of the Sahel: Their Characteristics and Uses. Weikersheim: Margraf.
    • Weber, Fred, with Carol Stoney. 1986. Reforestation in Arid Lands, 2nd ed. Arlington: VITA.
  • Fula/Fulfulde/Pulaar/Pular: Osborn, D., D.J. Dwyer and J.I. Donohoe, Jr. 1993. A Fulfulde (Maasina) - English-French Lexicon: A Root-Based Compilation Drawn from Extant Sources Followed by English-Fulfulde and French-Fulfulde Listings. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press. (Includes plant names from various sources.)