Alexander N. Titov

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Alexander N. Titov   (1959 - 2008)   (Titov)

Russian lichenologist

Address in 2003:   Laboratory of Lichenology and Bryology,
Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, Prof. Popov str. 2, 197376, St. Petersburg, Russia

Author of Chaenothecopsis species[edit]

Chaenothecopsis amurensis Titov, 1993
Chaenothecopsis asperopoda Titov, 1993
Chaenothecopsis caucasica Titov, 2006
Chaenothecopsis dolichocephala, Titov, 1995
Chaenothecopsis formosa Titov, 2006
Chaenothecopsis golubkovae Tibell & Titov, 1993
Chaenothecopsis heterospora Titov, 2006
Chaenothecopsis hyrcana Titov, 2006
Chaenothecopsis irregularis Titov, 1991
Chaenothecopsis mediarossica Titov & Gudovicheva, 2006
Chaenothecopsis resinicola Titov, 1995
Chaenothecopsis sinensis Titov, 2006
Chaenothecopsis transbaikalica Titov,2006
Chaenothecopsis ussuriensis Titov, 1993