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Thomas Taylor (1775−1848), British botanist and lichenologist.

IPNI standard form: Taylor

Taxon names authored

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  • Hooker,J D;Taylor,T 1844: Lichenes antarctici. - \London J. Bot. 3: 634–658.
  • Taylor, T. 1846. New Hepaticae. London Journal of Botany 5: 258–284, 365–417. BHL, BHL Reference page
  • Taylor,T 1847: New Lichens, principally from the Herbarium of Sir William J. Hooker. - \London J. Bot. VI: 148–197.
  • Taylor,T 1848: On the Specific Characters of certain new Cryptogamic Plants lately received from, and collected by, Professor William Jameson, on Pichincha, near Quito. - \London J. Bot. 7: 278–285.
  • Taylor,T 1850: Diagnostic characters of five new species of cryptogamic plants from Jamaica. Lichenes: Parmelia ochroleuca. -Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh\Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinburgh 3: 23–25.
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