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Thomas Reinecke, palaeontologist.

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  • Reinecke, T., 2014: Two new scyliorhinid shark species (Elasmobranchii, Carcharhiniformes, Scyliorhinidae), from the Sülstorf Beds (Chattian, Late Oligocene) of the southeastern North Sea Basin, northern Germany. Palæovertebrata 38 (1). Reference page
  • Reinecke, T., Balsberger, M., Beaury, B. & Pollerspöck, J. 2014. The elasmobranch fauna of the Thalberg Beds, early Egerian (Chattian, Oligocene), in the Subalpine Molasse Basin near Siegsdorf, Bavaria, Germany. Palaeontos 26: 1-127, 9 text-figs, 2 tables, 38 plates. Reference page
  • Reinecke, T., 2015: Batoids (Rajiformes, Torpediniformes, Myliobatiformes) from the Sülstorf Beds (Chattian, Late Oligocene) of Mecklenburg, northeastern Germany: a revision and description of three new species. Palæovertebrata 39 (2): e2.DOI: 10.18563/pv.39.2.e2 Link Reference page
  • Reinecke, T., von der Hocht, F. & Dufraing, L. 2015. Fossil basking shark of the genus Keasius (Lamniformes, Cetorhinidae) from the boreal North Sea Basin and Upper Rhine Graben: evolution of dental characteristics from the Oligocene to late Middle Miocene and description of two new species. Palaeontos 28: 60pp, 24 figs, 2 tbs. Abstract Reference page
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