Terminalia intermedia

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You searched for Terminalia intermedia which may mean;

  • Terminalia intermedia Bert. ex Spreng., Syst. Veg., ed. 16 [Sprengel] 2: 359 (1825) = Terminalia catappa L., Mant. Pl. 128. (1767)
  • Terminalia intermedia Span., Linnaea 15(2): 203 (1841) = Terminalia microcarpa subsp. microcarpa
  • Terminalia intermedia (A.Rich.) Urb., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 22: 367 (1926) This combination is either an accepted name, unplaced or an ambiguous synonym of a number of other species of Terminalia depending on authority consulted, for example Hassler, 2019 and Tropicos, 2019.