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List of treated taxa[edit]

This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
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Taxon Reference role Page(s) BHL Plazi image
Meta gyirong first valid description 128-130 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFE8-DB20-BAD9-32BF5460E180
Meta tibet first valid description 134-138 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFF2-DB38-BAE5-360D5460E021
Meta weining first valid description 142-146 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFFA-DB30-BADB-3059544AE178
Meta bowo first valid description 119-124 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFE1-DB2A-BAE8-312F5404E5E3
Meta cona first valid description 124-128 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFE4-DB26-BAE6-3106543CE54A
Meta wanglang first valid description 138-142 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFF6-DB34-BAC4-37495498E730
Meta hongyuan first valid description 130-134 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/03B187D1-FFEE-DB3C-BAC6-36E9545BE0E4
End of auto-generated list.