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List of treated taxa[edit]

This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
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Taxon Reference role Page(s) BHL Plazi image
Squamophis first valid description 6 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/7470C786-4911-4D0B-A2E7-2D58742A3E2F
Squamophis amamiensis recombination 6
Asteroschematidae taxonomic treatment 3-5 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/4C7591F9-4E09-53A6-F1B3-43E435352C08
Squamophis albozosteres first valid description 7-13 http://treatment.plazi.org/id/9D85F117-BE04-4BF6-A03A-68636966B737
End of auto-generated list.