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List of treated taxa


This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
Edits made within the list area will be removed on the next update!

Taxon Reference role Page(s) BHL Plazi image
Eknomiaster beccae first valid description 316-318
Pentagonaster elegans taxonomic treatment 325-326
Tosia australis taxonomic treatment 327-328
Anchitosia queenslandensis recombination 322-323
Pawsonaster first valid description 316
Pentagonaster duebeni taxonomic treatment 324-325
Ryukuaster onnae first valid description 320-322
Pentagonaster stibarus taxonomic treatment 326
Pentagonasterinae taxonomic treatment 314-315
Pentagonaster pulchellus taxonomic treatment 326
Eknomiaster macauleyensis taxonomic treatment 318
Ryukuaster first valid description 320
Pawsonaster parvus recombination 316
Tosia magnifica taxonomic treatment 328-329
Eknomiaster taxonomic treatment 316
Pentagonaster taxonomic treatment 324
Toraster tuberculatus taxonomic treatment 323
Anchitosia first valid description 322
Akelbaster first valid description 318
Tosia taxonomic treatment 326-327
Akelbaster novaecaledoniae first valid description 318-320
End of auto-generated list.