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WSC in the database version of the World Spider Catalog (Version 8.5).

A template for spider taxa in the World Spider Catalog and its database version. Direct data retrieval from the database is forbidden by default, so this template is only for "Links" section.

Use as
  • for families: {{WSC|id=|rank=fam|name=}} or {{WSC|f_id=|name=}}
  • for genera: {{WSC|id=|rank=gen|famname=|name=}} or {{WSC|g_id=|famname=|name=}}
  • for species: {{WSC|id=|famname=|name=}}
  • id (mandatory or optional in case f_id or g_id are defined): taxon id, found in a URL. Note that families and genera in the database have both id and f_id or g_id terms (and they are not identical!). Both formats are allowed, but in case you use id for these ranks you have to define rank parameter.
  • g_id and f_id: see id
  • rank (optional): a parameter for families and genera when id is used instead of f_id or g_id. Allowed states: f, fam or family for families; g, gen or genus for genera.
  • famname (mandatory for species and genera): family name for a given taxon
  • name (optional): name of a taxon, if differs from {{PAGENAME}}. Don't include characters other than taxon name for families.