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  • The template contains four optional parameters:
    • Parameter 1: Taxon ID appended to the URL [http://portal.cybertaxonomy.org/flora-greece/cdm_dataportal/taxon/] linking to the entry of the taxon in the VPG database
    • Parameter 2–4: access date in the sequence year - month - day
  • Syntax: {{VPG}} or {{VPG|Taxon ID, e.g. "99d2744b-58e5-4164-b06e-06f233b336b0"}} or {{VPG||year|month|day}} or {{VPG|Taxon ID|year|month|day}}
  • Result:
  • Dimopoulos, P., Raus, Th. & Strid, A. (eds.) 2018. Flora of Greece Web. Vascular Plants of Greece. An Annotated Checklist. 2nd version of May 2018, continuously updated. VPG/doc Published online. Accessed: 2018 Aug. 1.Reference page.