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The template can optionally be used for separate contributions of different authorship within this publication. In this case use as {{Tutin et al., 1972|1|2|3}}

  • the first one: author(s) of contribution.
  • the second one: title of contribution.
  • the third one: page or range of pages of this contribution.

So for example, {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{a|Bohdan Křísa|Křísa, B.}}|Pyrola|3–4}} will produce the following reference:


  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{a|Bohdan Křísa|Křísa, B.}}|Pyrola|3–4}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{R.Fern.}}|Buglossoides|87–88}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{R.Fern.}}|Moltkia|95}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{Chater}}|Anchusa|106–109}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{Grau}} & {{Merxm.}}|Myosotis|111–116}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{a|Lorna F. Ferguson|Ferguson, L.F.|nolink=y}}|Solenanthus|121}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{R.Fern.}} & {{Heywood}}|Origanum|171–172}}
  • {{Tutin et al., 1972|{{I.K.Ferguson}}|Verbascum|205–216}}