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(subscription required)

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The {{subscription required}} template can be used to flag an external link that requires a paid subscription.

Use the {{subscription required}} template when:

You create or find a link to an external website
in a reference citation
in a paragraph within the body of an article
in the "External links" section of an article
a reader must pay to subscribe to the website to gain access to the linked page.


Using {{subscription required}} will place a note by the link.

Append the {{subscription required}} template directly after the link or citation template, leaving the original link intact. If the {{subscription required}} template is not placed directly after the link or citation template, the template will not be correctly detected by automated tools.

If the external link is part of a reference citation, the {{subscription required}} template should be placed directly after the link or citation template but before the </ref> tag. Placing {{subscription required}} directly after the link or citation template but before the </ref> tag will cause the subscription required message to appear in the footnote reference area of the article rather than in the body of the text. Placing the message in the body of the text is not recommended in this situation.

Common form[edit]

{{subscription required}}

Optional parameters[edit]

{{subscription required|via=}}

where via is the publication or website used.

In order to get the result as a sentence, write {{subscription required|s}}. This generates :

(Subscription required.)



Using this template in its common form will add pages to Category:Pages containing links to subscription-only content; when the |via= parameter is added, pages will also be placed into Category:Subscription required using via.


  • <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.example.org |title=Webpage title |accessdate=22 September 2012}} {{subscription required|s}}</ref>
  • Using via: <ref>{{Cite book |title=Profit Theory and Capitalism |author=Obrinsky, Mark |location=Philadelphia |publisher=University of Pennsylvania Press {{Subscription required |via=[[w:Questia|Questia]]}} |url=http://www.questia.com/read/4995070/profit-theory-and-capitalism |year=1983 |page=1 |isbn=978-0812278637}}</ref>
  1. Webpage title. Retrieved on 22 September 2012. (Subscription required.)
  2. Obrinsky, Mark (1983). Profit Theory and Capitalism. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press  – via Questia (subscription required). p. 1. ISBN 978-0812278637.

== External links ==
* [http://www.example.org/webpage.html Example web page title] {{subscription required}}

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