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Species of the month[edit]

Amur Leopard[edit]

Panthera pardus orientalis

Panthera pardus orientalis

Some facts about this leopard:

Body Length: 100–145 cm.
Tail Length: 80 cm.
Weight: 30–60 kg.
Range: Russia, Primorye province, on the Chinese border.
Habitat: Temperate forest.
Remaining number in the wild: about 30.
First described: By the German zoologist Hermann Schlegel in 1857.

Panthera pardus orientalis is a majestic and enigmatic animal, almost extict, who can survive temperatures down to 30 °C below zero thanks to its long thick coat. It preys mainly on deer and wild boar and is targeted by poachers, which combined with habitat loss drive it towards extinction.

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