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Species of the month[edit]

Sargassum Anglerfish[edit]

Histrio histrio

Histrio histrio

Some facts about this fish:

Length: 16–20 cm.
Range: Tropical marine waters except the Eastern Pacific.
Habitat: Floating algae, especially Sargassum weed.
Diet: Fishes and shrimps.
First described: By the name Lophius histrio (literally, histrio means "actor" in Latin) in 1758 by the Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeus.

Histrio histrio is a master of camouflage. With a combination of color, markings, and chameleonlike morphing, it blends perfectly into its surroundings and can be mistaken for live rock or a part of the reef. It has a lure-like appendage which it wiggles like a worm to attract small fish and other unsuspecting prey.

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