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The template is used for adding a BHL link to a particular issue and page within volume 10 of Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae. Please note that citations of volumes 1–9 and 11 should not use this template, since those volumes are available in other BHL documents.

  • First parameter: issue number, ranging from 81 to 87 (the other issues are published prior to 1876 or after 1877, and not available in the linked BHL document)
  • Second parameter: page number, ranging from 1 (Title) to 145 (last page of Index)


{{Mueller, 1876–1877|83|49}} will create a BHL link to issue 83, page 49 in volume 10 of Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae. It will also show the actual issue- and page numbers after the name of the publication. The result is rendered like this:

You can click the BHL link in order to check that the issue and page numbers are correct.