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Nomenclatural acts[edit]

  • Date of publication: 26 August 1997

New names (3)[edit]


Scotiomyia gen. nov. is described from the rain forest on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea with Scotiomyia fusca spec. nov. as type species. A second sympatric species, Scotiomyia melanura spec. nov. is also described. The genus Sympycnus s.l. has been subjected to a provisional partial revision. The South East Asiatic species with first tarsal segment of hind leg shortened are assigned to Chaetogonopteron de Meijere, 1914. Pycsymnus Frey, 1925 and Hoplignusus Vaillant, 1953 are placed in synonymy with Chaetogonopteron. Phrudoneura Meuffels & Grootaert, 1987 which was originally described as a subgenus of Sympycnus, is raised to genus rank. An annotated list of all the Sympycninae known from Papua New Guinea is given.